it's a curl thing

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It’s a Curl Thing Product Usage Guide Tips

Curls have many variables, so depending on hair density, fine strands, course strands, length, parched, and or damaged hair, will determine the amount of the product necessary. 

Less is more, it is best to section hair and apply thoroughly coating each strand. Best to work from the ends up, to keep the fullness at the scalp. Smoothing each section to ensure light coverage to each section.

  • The product should be applied to clean damp/wet hair.
  • The amount you need will depend on the length and thickness of your hair as well as the finished look you want to achieve. Less is more, be certain to smooth and coat each strand. Misting hair with water as needed.
  • Firm holds can be released with the prayer hand method. Just hold hair in between your 2 hands starting at the roots and moving towards the tips. Gently apply pressure to soften the hold, and then smoothly slide your hands down the length of the hair strands.

*This method should only be done to completely dried hair*

  • Refresh hair by misting water and gently smoothing with hands in one direction, from the scalp to the ends.
  • Satin bonnet or satin pillowcase help reduce friction and allows hair to glide.


Weekly scalp exfoliation can prevent the buildup of skin cells on your scalp, which can cause flakiness at the roots and outbreaks at the hairline. Numerous styling products, such as pomades, mousse, gels, and/or hairspray, are not water soluble and could accumulate on your scalp.


Enjoy a deep cleaning regimen for your scalp. This helps to keep your scalp clean by removing slough skin and improves moisture retention.  A healthy scalp promotes a great foundation for stronger hair.


Every night, massage a little natural oil, such as herbal oil, into your scalp to help condition, and increase circulation.

Natural Mild shampoo

A mild shampoo will be beneficial for your scalp and hair. Harsh shampoos can deplete your scalp of vital natural skin oils.