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In order to maintain our commitment to our fundamental beliefs, we only use the best natural ingredients while making our Plant Powered Hair Care line. With inspiration from nature, we provide all-natural, organic hair care products that are wholesome, safe, and natural.

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Plant Powered Hair Care

It’s a Curl Thing, formulas are made in-house drawing inspiration from nature by using organic and natural ingredients.  We provide environmentally friendly hair care that help moisturize, define, and condition your hair. Our selection of ingredients is sustainably sourced natural and organic unrefined plant oils, butters, essential oils that have been steam-distilled or cold-pressed, as well as herbs and flowers from regenerated plant populations.

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The key is in the ingredients! Every hair care line is just as effective as the ingredients that go into its creation, and we think that nature gives the greatest natural ingredients to ensure healthy hair. Our natural ingredients must be sustainable, fair-trade, and organic whenever possible. We have always used only natural, organic and clean ingredients in our formulas, and we always will.

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We make small-batch, handcrafted Plant Powered Hair Care that is natural, organic, and wild-harvested. The ingredients in our natural and organic hair care line comes from nature and include organic cold-pressed pure essential oils, organic botanical infusions, organic cold-pressed plant oils, and organic unrefined butters. Herbs and botanicals are quickly absorbed, moisturizing, and beneficial for your hair and scalp. Simply pure natural ingredients—all inspired by nature.