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Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cream

Introducing our rejuvenating Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cream, meticulously crafted with potent botanical infusions to nourish and revitalize your hair and scalp. Our unique formula harnesses the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda to address various hair and scalp concerns, offering a natural solution for optimal hair and scalp health. Infused with botanical extracts, this luxurious cream serves as a deeply hydrating moisturizer and emollient, replenishing essential nutrients to your hair and scalp.

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Product Description

Ayurvedic Hair & Scalp Cream, crafted with a potent blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and herbal extracts, this exquisite formula serves as more than just a hair conditioner—it’s a holistic remedy for your hair and scalp. Experience the therapeutic benefits of Ayurvedic herbs as they deeply hydrate, smooth, and nourish, leaving your hair with a radiant shine and your scalp feeling revitalized and protected. Treat yourself to the transformative power of nature with every application.

  • Nourishment: Ayurvedic herbs deeply penetrate the hair shaft, providing essential nutrients for strength and vitality.
  • Scalp Health: Balancing herbal formulations promotes a healthy scalp environment, reducing dandruff, itching, and inflammation.
  • Natural Conditioning: Ayurvedic ingredients naturally condition and soften hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and manageable.
  • Hair Growth: Stimulating herbs in Ayurvedic treatments encourage healthy hair growth and help prevent hair loss.
  • Say goodbye to tangled curls: This all-in-one solution detangles and styles without the fuss of multiple products.


How to use

Apply a small (dime-size) to medium amount of Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cream to damp hair and work it into the desired style. A small amount goes a long way.

Ingredient List

Purified Water, Infused Botanicals Extracts of Amla, Brahmi, Black Cumin, Flax Seed, Licorice, Slippery Elm, Fenugreek, Marshmallow, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Tangerine Fruit Extract, Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, Sweet Orange Fruit Extract, Honey, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid. Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol.

Additional information


8 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 4 fl oz

Fenugreek contains lecithin, a natural emollient that deeply nourishes and hydrates your scalp and hair. Read More

Black Cumin
Black cumin extract encourages hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. Cumin also acts as a natural moisturizer and reduces dryness on the scalp. Read More

Amla contains essential fatty acids that penetrate the follicles, making the hair softer, shinier and voluminous. Read More

Brahmi extract is effective at treating dandruff and preventing hair loss. In addition to reviving your scalp Read More

By providing a tingling sensation on the scalp that promotes the flow of blood to the scalp, licorice can assist to encourage hair growth. Read More

2 reviews for Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cream

  1. Trey Cox

    I have tried many products from countless brands and none of them compare to this Ayurvedic Hair and Scalp Cream. I love that the cream is infused with natural products that leave my hair & scalp feeling nourished & bouncy. The texture of the cream is smooth & easy to apply. After using it for a couple of weeks this cream has helped my hair grow fuller, stronger, my curls are emphasized! This is a MUST have if you want a product that will leave your hair feeling healthy on a daily basis!

  2. Timothy

    I adore this product for my cornrows and braids; it not only keeps my scalp moisturized but also leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and hydrated when it’s time for a redo. The true beauty lies in its all-in-one formula – a single product that effortlessly hydrates, holds, and conditions.

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