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Why We Ditched Added Fragrance in Our Plant Powered Hair Care

Hey there, haircare enthusiast! Today, let’s chat about something interesting: fragrances in hair products, and why we’ve decided to ditch them. Come along as we break it down and give you a better understanding of what it means for your hair and your overall health.

So, about fragrances… They seem innocent enough, right? Just pleasant smells? Well, not quite. Turns out, that “fragrance” label can hide a whole bunch of chemicalshundreds. And some of these chemicals can be real troublemakers, causing irritation, allergies, and endocrine disruptors. So, we had to ask ourselves, is it worth it?

That’s why we’ve chosen to be upfront and transparent about what goes into our products. No sneaky stuff here! We want you to know exactly what you’re putting on your hair, so you can make informed choices.

We’re all about giving you the power to decide what’s best for your hair. After all, we’re haircare enthusiasts too! So, by nixing the mystery “fragrance,” we’re putting you in the driver’s seat. You get to choose products that match your values and keep your hair healthy and happy.

In a nutshell, skipping fragrance isn’t just about what we’re leaving out. It’s about putting your hair and your well-being first. So, join us on this journey toward transparency, and let’s enjoy a fragrance-free haircare routine together!